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Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, stuck, or unhappy at times. Life isn't kind to most of us because we all experience obstacles, challenges and the many ups and downs that shape us as we grow. 

As a certified Hypnotherapist, transformational coach and someone who has also been through many of life's challenges I understand how it can change you and cause anxiety, create bad habits, reduce your confidence and much more, 


will i rember the session

Most people remember their wonderful experience in great detail.

Others will see it as time out and relax so deeply that they feel like they have had a wonderful sleep even though they have been awake the entire time. 

IS hypnosis effective

Yes, and the NHS are now recommending Hypnotherapy as a complementary therapy. 

I have successfully worked with clients from all over the globe and their testimonials are a testament to how effective hypnosis is,

is one session enough

One session can be enough.


Sometimes we need to dig a little deeper and other times people love it so much they want to keep making improvements 

how will it feel

You will remain in control the entire time and it can feel like a deeply relaxing meditation, almost like Daydreaming.

Most people report a feeling of deep relaxation, lightness and as if a weight has been lifted